05 December 2017

INITIative December Meeting

INITIative will be hosting an Infliximab Therapeutic Drug Monitoring workshop on Dec 15th in St. Vincent’s University Hospital.  All are welcome to attend and asked to confirm their attendance by emailing

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13 November 2017

At the upcoming ISG winter meeting, INITIative will host a session on IBD Cloud Based Solutions presented by Professor Glen Doherty and facilitate an open forum for those interesting in collaborating with the network to pitch their ideas.

INITIative Meeting Agenda. Click here

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10 August 2017

“Gut reactions: Tackling the rising incidence of IBD”

Prof Glen Doherty was recently interviewed for The Medical Independent where he discussed the rising numbers of IBD in Ireland and how improving our clinical trials infrastructure will benefit patients.

You can read this interview here.

03 July 2017

Current Project: INITIative sponsored Public and Patient Involvement (PPI)

This project seeks to understand how IBD from a patient perspective through focus group sessions. The themes that this study explores include knowledge of IBD; satisfaction with care; the impact of IBD on day to day living; perspectives on quality of life; and understanding of the current IBD research. The study was designed with patient and clinician involvement and so far we have conducted focus groups in three hospitals in three counties: Dublin, Galway and Mayo.

To date the focus groups sessions have been extremely informative and have provided in-depth insight into the themes discussed. Notable recurrent themes include the hope for a cure; the need for better regimens of care including a focus on treating acute pain; the negative impacts of stress on disease activity and positive impacts mindfulness/ counselling programmes; the potential benefits from dietary interventions; the need for more understanding and acceptance among the general public about the range of symptoms associated with IBD; the financial burden of IBD care; and the restructuring of how IBD patients are cared for as inpatients.

Several further focus group sessions are planned and thematic analysis will be applied to the data collected. INITIative will then produce an “IBD Patients’’ Perspective Roadmap for Ireland” which will be used to inform research priorities and improvements in care at the national level.

19 May 2017

World IBD Day

Staff at St. Vincent’s University Hospital went purple for World IBD Day and to raise awareness of Crohn’s and Colitis